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Thu93 2020

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Turkey cancels water sales to Israel
Turkey cancels water sales to Israel
Following the attacks on the Freedom Flotilla in which 9 Turkish citizens were killed, Turkey has decided to continue severing ties with Israel by canceling the agreement it signed in 2000 to supply Israel with water for a 20 year period.
Monday, June 21,2010 17:40

The Israel National Newspaper asserted that the annulment of the agreement comes as a punishment to the Israeli entity for refusing to apologise, conduct an international investigation or compensate the martyrs ofthe Freedom Flotilla's families.


According to the agreement Turkey would sell approximately 1.75 billion cubic feet of water per year.


The newspaper also maintained that “The cancelled water project is not the first sign of Turkey's anger over the Gaza boats incident" adding Turkey has also recalled its ambassador, and has frozen a plan to supply Israel with natural gas from Russia using an underwater pipeline”.

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cool fsiekonomi.multiply.com
cool. economy war. the golden blue (water) is so substantial.
Tuesday, June 22,2010 11:51
excellent Mark
Keep up the good work Turkey!!! While the rest of the world allows a the spoiled brat Israel do what it wants unpunished, it is nice to see at least one country has had enough of Israel and her crimes against humanity.
Wednesday, June 23,2010 19:12
Great IsraelDid911
I wonder what Israel/Mossad is going do to hurt Turkey.
Friday, June 25,2010 21:02
Water BJ
LITANI RIVER? Damn them if they do!
Friday, June 25,2010 23:21
And who will it affect?? Baker
Gaza strip... won't be getting ANY water now. Turkey certainly messed this one up.
Saturday, June 26,2010 00:02
Turkey John
Too bad Turkey kept its commitment to purchase 1.2 billion $ in military drones from Israel
Saturday, June 26,2010 00:11
Doesn't matter. Desalinate the sea water
Saturday, June 26,2010 00:21
Turkey invalidates water contract Myself
Using water as a lever like this, is in my opinion, absolutely unconscionable. First, they have a legal contract; Most importantly, water is fundamental to life. Water is more valuable than Oil, it just haven\'t priced it right, yet.
Saturday, June 26,2010 00:41
Oh Turkey Splangy
Turkey allowed islamo-fascists on a flotilla and blames Israeli soldiers for defending themselves from turning into the next Gilad Shalit (4 years - we won't forget you ever.) Now, they want to break a contract they signed with Israel. Anyone cheering on this country for their idiocy falls under the same umbrella. Israel is a political pawn to Turkey and the Arab leaders. I can't help wondering how many more Helen Thomas's are out there, trying to make Israel look bad.
Saturday, June 26,2010 01:26
Yea! Lucas
Hey Turkey, if you need help closing the valve, give me a call. I'd be happy to help you shut it off. What other cards can you play?
Saturday, June 26,2010 02:09
Thats great Well Now
Too bad Israel subsequently provides some of that water to gaza.... I guess turkey really doesnt care about the people in gaza, they are just thinking of themselves and making themselves look like they give a damn about humanitarianism
Saturday, June 26,2010 02:56
Isreal's criminal behavior is finally catching up with them Waiting for Justice
Israel is like the abused child who grows up to become an abuser. They are doing the same things to the Palestinians that was done to them by the Nazi's. Granted they haven't gone as far as setting up gas chambers, but they are clearly headed in that direction. Its interesting how the world opinion is mounting against them, just as it did against the Germans 70 years ago. Will they create their own similar fate? Time will tell.
Saturday, June 26,2010 05:02
well... dima
In Turkey, life expectancy is 72.23 and its infant mortality rate is 24.84 per 1000 births, while in the Gaza Strip life expectancy is 73.68 and infant mortality rate is 17.71 per 1000 births. Maybe the flotilla\'s are going in the wrong direction?!
Saturday, June 26,2010 07:53
genocide human
turkey doesnt reserve any type of respect until the armenian genocide is recognized.
Saturday, June 26,2010 08:15
Welcome to the problems with democracy Andrew
Welcome to democracy's. They tell us that "the people have power", and really it's just a small group of morons making all the decisions. What this world needs are democracy's where people vote on the small stuff, or pollies votes cannot be made without policians publicising the exact reason for their vote (rather than just letting them raise their hand or press a button)
Saturday, June 26,2010 08:36
Thanks Turkey Toni from Spain
It is great to see a western country start an "embargo" on to Israel. We al should keep an eye on what we buy, Israel economy depends on their sales of technology and weapons to survive... please do not buy products mede in Israel, the barcodes begin with 73. Thanks Turkey, keep on pressing, today the water and gas from rusia, tomorrow, oil, and so on until their governments behaves as human and not nazis
Monday, June 28,2010 12:22
Where are you Arabs? Salma
Turky have done that 22 Arabian contry can not have
Tuesday, June 29,2010 10:33
Thanks Turkey! mustafa mollaoglu
we love you Recep Tayyip Erdogan! 4ever Egypt 4ever Muslim Brotherhood! israel have fear!
Thursday, February 3,2011 01:17
May Allah bless The Turks and Turkey Abdul Latiff Rahmat
People should realize the only 'speciality' of the jews and zionist as described in the very first surah of Al Quran Al-Baqarah the unthankful, the ungrateful and the killers of prophets. These are how they differ form others. Now they inherit the troublemaker attitude which are destined for them. They really know how to kill like Recip said.
Sunday, February 20,2011 07:41
Thanks Turkey Madad
Dear turkey i am very glad this information. turkey will comeback the leader of islam insha alah.
Sunday, February 27,2011 21:14
Salute You Turks sajjad
I really appreciate turks decission to refuse their cooperation with tyrants. Israel is not a country its is an encrochment which must be vacated at any cost. Keep it up Tuks God bless you.
Friday, July 1,2011 15:48
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