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Mousa: MB's failure to secure seats in Shura elections illogical
Mousa: MB's failure to secure seats in Shura elections illogical
Amr Mousa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States announced in an interview on the satellite channel Dream 2, that he believed it was absurd that no member of the Muslim Brotherhood bloc acquired any seats in the midterm Shura elections
Tuesday, June 22,2010 14:00

Mousa believed that there was much controversy regarding the Shura elections. He added that he did not attribute the MB's failure to secure seats to a decline in popularity but to other reasons. He also asserted that the MB group continues to enjoy much popularity on the Egyptian streets since they constantly offer services and work for the well being of the Egyptian citizen

The mid-term elections of Egypt's Shura council in fact started amid reports from observers and rights groups about various violations in different governorates in favor of candidates of the ruling National Democratic party (NDP). Candidates of the Muslim Brotherhood movement filed many complaints to the High Administrative Court 

When asked about the presidential elections the former Egyptian Foreign Minister maintained that it was too early to discuss the issue asserting that if President Mubarak was to run for a 6th term he would vote for him. He abstained however to enter into further details regarding Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei former IAEA who emerged onto the political arena recently
Mousa described Arab diplomacy as non existent, virtually ineffective and practically dead. He commended the Turks diplomacy asserting they were positively active and mature in their decisions. He highlighted that the peace process needed much work and was an international responsibility emphasizing the necessity to address the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians in particular the besieged Gazans


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