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MB denies deals were made and will continue to follow peaceful, open-minded and tolerant methods
MB denies deals were made and will continue to follow peaceful, open-minded and tolerant methods
MB media spokesman Dr. Saad Katatni, commented on the recent article published in the Arabi Alnasseri newspaper titled "The failed story between the government and the MB” in parliament.
Tuesday, June 22,2010 22:33

In an exclusive statement he denied allegations describing them as baseless and invalid, Katatni also asserted that the MB bloc remains consistent in its principle of not making deals or engaging in agreements with any particular party or group. However the MB executive office member asserted that they are prepared to work as one with any and all who backed the call for political and economic reform. Katatni maintained that the MB will work with all national forces until the Egyptian people retrieve all their legitimate and constitutional rights and freedom and until corruption and forgery ends. They will as always use peaceful and constitutional means to acquire this.


 He ascertained that the news published was not true and in fact no meetings have taken place. He added whatever was published was an attempt to tarnish the MB image before the next parliamentary elections.

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