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MB asserts they will participate in upcoming parliamentary elections
MB asserts they will participate in upcoming parliamentary elections
Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, has ascertained that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to participate in the political arena in all legislative elections through all legitimate and peaceful means despite challenges facing the movement.
Thursday, June 24,2010 09:08

Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, head of the Muslim Brotherhood parliamentary bloc, has ascertained that the Muslim Brotherhood will continue to participate in the political arena in all legislative elections through all legitimate and peaceful means despite challenges facing the movement.

Addressing the closing session of the People's Assembly yesterday, Katatni maintained that "Egyptians were relying on MB MPs to continue to achieve many accomplishments and successes in the legislative arena, including the drafted law on political rights that could be a prelude to acquiring the democracy and freedom Egyptians are looking forward to. He criticized the Parliament for electing to vote in favor of the extension of the state of emergency which constitutionally approves amendments contributed to the ruin of public freedom.

He indicated that the ultimate goal of the Brotherhood's participation is to practice democracy stipulated in the Constitution and to achieve adequate living standards, providing Egyptians with food, water, suitable health care, electricity, transportation, communication, education, and suitable income to satisfy the needs of their families.
"Since the first day of parliament the Muslim Brotherhood MPs have worked hard and positively interacted in the parliament's debates as they proposed many bills and used the Parliament's oversight instruments to tackle thorny issues of common concern", Katatni said. He praised the People's Assembly Speaker Dr. Ahmed Fathi Sorour, the Government and the PA's Secretariat, media and security men.

Egyptian parliament speaker Ahmed Fathi Sorour showed gratitude to the independent MPs, stating  "I thank them for their dedication as they have done their job well and enthusiastically," he added "The performance of the opposition and independent deputies proved that peaceful democratic practices illustrates that patriotism is widespread in the country".

Ahmed Ezz commended the opposition asserting that they enhanced the parliamentary sessions with their contributions adding "I hope our differences has not spoiled our affable association. 

In a speech to Parliament, Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif claimed that Egypt is preparing for parliamentary elections stressing the government's dedication to hold free and transparent elections. He continued  "We are about to conduct legislative elections soon and voters will be able to express their opinion freely and honestly, with justice and impartiality we are all eager to apply it honestly, and in accordance with the directions of President Mubarak,"

 Nazif stressed that "The Egyptian economy has faced a number of challenges including increases in fuel and food prices, where inflation rose to an annual 23 percent inflicting damage to the low-income people," he added " the Government intervened with 3 projects to meet the requirements of the crisis, including additional credit which accounted for 13.6 billion Egyptian pounds since an additional 15 million Egyptians will be included in the ration cards budget. Nazif explained that Egypt 's economy has achieved a growth rate of 7.1% however the global financial crisis impeded extra growth.

Nazif stressed that the government hopes that the growth rate will rise 7% by 2011 to accommodate all job seekers. 

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