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Alexandria: MB, ElBaradei and political activists protest against police brutality
Alexandria: MB, ElBaradei and political activists protest against police brutality
The city of Alexandria witnessed thousands of protesters rallying after the Friday prayers condemning the pervasive police brutality which has come to be the Interior Ministry's only policy.
Friday, June 25,2010 21:04
The protest was led by Dr. Mohamed Baradei former IAEA chief and supported by political opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood, and the April 6th Movement in addition to prominent activists. Hundreds of police and anti riot forces surrounded the angry protestors who raised posters of the Ministry's latest victim Khaled Saed while chanting anti-Mubarak slogans. The protestors demanded that Habib ElAdly be ousted from his post as Interior Minister for his disregard  to torture victims and failure to holding those responsible accountable.
The latest coronary report stated that Saed had died after choking on a drug stash however witnesses express that this is not true claiming the victim had died at the hands of police officers who kicked him in the chest and back and later rammed his head on a marble slab in a nearby building breaking his skull.
Rights groups have described the official report as fabricated, and Saed has since become a symbol for rights activists against police brutality, for which Egypt has been criticised at home and abroad. Several demonstrations have broken out since the killing shedding light on the disastrous emergency law which has been in force since Mubarak assumed reign over 30 years ago.


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