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Egypt's Grand Mufti attends Chicago Islamic Union conference
Egypt's Grand Mufti attends Chicago Islamic Union conference
The 47th Conference of the Islamic Union, scheduled to begin on Thursday July 1st is to be held in the city of Chicago in the US .
Thursday, July 1,2010 12:16

  Many prominent politicians, academics, scholars and influential public figures including Dr. Ali Gomaa the Egyptian Grand Mufti will be attending.
A speech will be delivered by Gomaa where he will address the issue of compassion as one of Islam's most significant values reiterating texts from the holy Quran and giving examples from quotes and practices of the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH). An audience of over 12,000 Muslim and non-Muslim Americans are expected to attend the speech in an effort to bring together the people and express good will.  Other topics to be discussed will be how Islam prohibits terrorism and murder and promotes tolerance, peace, interaction and cooperation among people maintaining that it is not only possible it is necessary to intertwine using the Egyptian Muslims and Christians as an example.
Gomaa is expected to also attend an annual celebration at which the union awards individuals and Islamic institutions that have played a pivotal role in serving the Islamic and American communities and the 13th annual inter-religious dialogue scheduled for next Sunday.

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