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IOF troops demolish tens of Palestinian homes in Jordan Valley
IOF troops demolish tens of Palestinian homes in Jordan Valley
The Jerusalem legal aid and human rights center reported that Israel issued demolition orders against dozens of Palestinians homes in the Jordan Valley known as Al-Aghwar region.
Thursday, July 1,2010 14:47

The center explained in a statement on Tuesday (29/6) that Israel gave the Palestinian families in the area 24 hours to leave their homes before sending bulldozers to demolish their homes, the thing which prevented these families from resorting to courts to take legal action freezing the demolition orders because of the very short notice.

It added that 40 nomadic families received orders to immediately leave Al-Farisiya area, north of the Jordan Valley, although they were living there for decades.

The center noted that 13 other Palestinian families living in Al-Hadidiya area in Tubas city received 10 months ago demolition orders.

The center underlined that these actions fall within Israel's scheme aimed to ethnically cleanse the area classified as C according to the Oslo accords of its indigenous population and displace them into Bantustans like the ones that existed in the past in apartheid South Africa.

In the same context, Palestinian eyewitnesses said Thursday morning that Israeli troops and bulldozers started to demolish the homes of nomadic people in the northern Jordan Valley, northeast of the West Bank.

They added that a large force of Israeli troops are cordoning at this time the homes in Ras Al-Ahmar area as the bulldozers are knocking down the homes one by one, and warned that the number of homes to be demolished is so large and there will be mass displacement of families in the area.

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