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MB offshoot in Jordan doubts fair parliamentary elections in the country
MB offshoot in Jordan doubts fair parliamentary elections in the country
The Islamic Action Front Party's leader Hammam Saed described Jordan 's upcoming parliamentary elections as nothing more than formal polling.
Friday, July 2,2010 15:24
In a statement the MB offshoot leader asserted that there were no indications that the government intended to conduct free or fair elections stressing there was no genuine political environment.
He maintained that the group still has not decided on whether they will participate or not in the elections adding that the group is still expected to consult other influential factions such as political parties and trade unions.
The lower house of Parliament was dissolved last November, by King Abdallah amid allegations that it neglected its legislative and supervisory functions. The IAF had alleged that the 2007 elections were rigged with irregularities committed during electoral procedure. In the 2007 elections the group has acquired only 6 seats of the outgoing 110 seats compared to17 in the previous chamber. PM Samir Refaie has vowed however that there would be integrity this year in the elections.
Saed however remained skeptical claiming that "The tools that were used in rigging the previous elections are still in force and the group is still targeted with constant crackdowns on the public's freedom.
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