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Khudari: Facts on the ground belie occupation claims that the blockade was eased
Khudari: Facts on the ground belie occupation claims that the blockade was eased
The head of the Popular Campaign Against the Siege (PCAS), MP Jamal al-Khudari said that having a list of banned commodities means that the blockade is still in place and that any international acceptance of this means legitimising the blockade.
Sunday, July 4,2010 02:40

He added that all the Gaza Strip needs are humanitarian, including building materials and raw materials for factories to reverse the detrimental effects of four years of blockade that affected all aspects of life in the Gaza Strip including especially health and the economy.

He stressed, in a press release on Thursday, that the Israeli occupation is trying to continue to damage the Palestinian national economy by forcing it to remain a consumer economy and giving it no chance of recovery.

He added that all evidence on the ground points to the fact that the Israeli occupation has no intention of ending or even easing the blockade, and that any steps taken or statements made in this regard were to deceive the world public opinion after the Freedom Flotilla massacre.

The head of PCAS further warned the international community against taking at face value the Israeli occupation declarations that they introduced lists of banned commodities to show that the blockade has been eased, while facts on the ground say otherwise.

Khudari stressed that the blockade will be considered over only when four conditions are fulfilled, the opening of commercial crossings, the free flow of all commodities, a safe passage between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip and sea passage to the Gaza Strip under European supervision.

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