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OIC condemns bombings by
OIC condemns bombings by "enemies of Islam"
Extensive protests and a shutdown in major commercial centres and students belonging to seminaries took to the streets after Friday prayers.
Sunday, July 4,2010 08:28


The protests captured the feeling of a battered city after two suicide bombers blew themselves up among crowds of worshippers at a Sufi shrine in Lahore , capital of Punjab province, leaving 43 fatalities and dozens more injured on Thursday July 1st.

Leaders of all political and religious parties and movements united in condemning the bombings at the Organization of the Islamic conference describing the attackers as 'enemies of Islam". Secretary General for the organization General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu "strongly condemned the horrendous suicide attacks" on the shrine asserting that the terrorists must definitely be brought to justice for the aggressive and violent acts against Islam and humanity.

A rally was staged outside the Data Darbar by Sunni leaders where hundreds of furious protesters called for the resignations of the president, the prime minister and the Punjab chief minister.

According to a spokesman for the Punjab government a number of terror suspects, bombers and their handlers had been arrested. He said the suspects were found in possession of a large quantity of arms and ammunition, weighing about 22 tons. Uniforms of security agencies were also seized

He added that there was evidence that they were involved in other major incidents of terrorism in the country including bombings on the Parade Lane mosque in Rawalpindi . Significant information regarding various gangs of terrorists has been extracted has also been given which would help in the curbing of terrorism and the arrest of the perpetrators.
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"Taliban / AlQaeda's Biggest Mistake" Mohammed Karim
Wahabi Saudi funded terrorists (namely: Taliban/Jundullah, Sipah-e-Sahaba) had attacked Shia Ashura Juloos in Karachi (Dec 2009) in the past. This time attacking "Al-Quds" rally in Quetta (organised by Pakistani Shias in support of Sunni Palestinians) was the biggest mistake of these terrorists. "It unwrapped terrorists' real face, and showing their hatred against all Muslims (shia and sunnis) and showing clear connection of Taliban to Israel". In short, Taliban Saudi Wahabi terrorists are linked to zionist Israel. Taliban=Terrorists=Saudi=Israel. Long live Shia-Sunni unity!
Monday, September 6,2010 10:33
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