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Lawyers welcome case opened against Khaled Saed's police killing
Lawyers welcome case opened against Khaled Saed's police killing
Alexandria's Attorney General Councilor Yaser Refaie has ordered the referral of the two informants; Mahmoud Al-Falah and Awad Sayed who were involved in the killing of the "emergency-law martyr" Khaled Saed to Criminal Court yesterday.
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Monday, July 5,2010 17:44


 Saed’s family lawyer, Mahmoud Afifi, described the referral as a pleasing decision. He urged the case be tried in the criminal court ruling in favour of the victim's family with severe penalties for the offenders. He commended the appeal prosecutor’s role in investigating the case.


Councilor Ahmed Omar had issued a decision to detain the offenders for four days pending investigations on 30 July 2010.

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