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Gamal Mubarak calls for
Gamal Mubarak calls for "justice" in Khaled Saeed's killing
Head of the Policies' Committee in the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), Mr. Gamal Mubarak, commented on the controversy surrounding the killing of Khaled Saeed, the 28 year old Egyptian businessman, who was allegedly beaten to death early June by two plainclothes policemen.
Thursday, July 8,2010 07:37

The death has led to widespread protests led by human rights activists, political opposition including the Muslim Brotherhood, Kefaya (Enough) movement, and Shabab April 6th (April 6 Youth) movement, who demonstrated against the 'emergency law' which has been imposed for over 30 years, and grant police unrestricted power to physically search citizens without stated reason or warrant.

President Mubarak's son stressed that perpetrators of the alleged crime should be held accountable and brought to justice, calling for investigations' transparency and respect to the rule of law. He added that the NDP's top priorities lay in the respect for human rights and the fight against corruption.

According to the International Federation of Human Rights, “the emergency law is a tool in the hands of the executive power to storm many basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Egyptian Constitution.

The timing of the younger Mubarak's statement triggered reservations since it came after a full month of official silence about the event. Analyst Diaa Rashwan from the Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies views the statement as a lame effort to correct the NDP's image strongly tarnished by its prolonged silence in hopes  to illustrate  that his party opposes torture and supports human rights in general and  in Saed's case in particular.

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