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Security arrests 20 protestors from Khaled Saeed Facebook group in Cairo
Security arrests 20 protestors from Khaled Saeed Facebook group in Cairo
Security forces in Cairo arrested 20 members of the Facebook group "We are all Khaled Saeed" as they were organizing a silent march in Cairo .
Saturday, July 10,2010 13:16
The Group organizers dressed in black included members and activists from the Coordinating Committee for Youth National Assembly for change, the youth movement for justice and freedom, and the April 6 movement. The protest called for the elimination of the 'emergency law' which has been imposed for over 30 years and claimed many victims the latest being Khaled Saeed. A security cordon was set up encircling the protestors as forces arrested 20.
Other group members marched towards the Press syndicate and threatened an open ended sit-in demanding the release of their colleagues. Mohamed Ali from the April 6 movement stressed that the intention of the march was to express their objection to the continued emergency law which was renewed and was being abused by the Interior Ministry. The law which has been imposed since Mubarak came into power has been in force arresting and indefinitely detaining many activists, bloggers  and political opposition mainly from the popular Muslim Brotherhood, Kefaya, and April 6 movement  in an effort to intimidate any opposition daring to object to the regime's procedures.
The protesters held banners condemning the killing of Khalid Saeed by police and demanded investigations and liability to those responsible for his death.
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