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Gaddafi foundation:
Gaddafi foundation: "Hope" still heading toward Gaza
The Gaddafi International Charity and Development Foundation (GICDF), chaired by Saiful Islam the son of Libyan leader Muammer Al-Gaddafi has denied that the Libyan aid ship "Hope" was diverting its destination to Egypt instead of Gaza.
Sunday, July 11,2010 22:13

Yousef Siwan, the executive director of the foundation, said on Saturday night that the GICDF ship was still sailing toward Gaza as scheduled.

He added that the vessel was on a purely humanitarian mission, "not provocative and not hostile". Siwan urged the world community to help the ship reach its destination.

Arab MK Ahmed Al-Tibi earlier quoted the foundation as saying that the ship would try and reach Gaza port to unload its shipment of relief material.

Greek foreign ministry spokesman Grigoris Delavekouras said that the Libyan ambassador to Athens had told him that the ship would dock at El-Arish port in northern Sinai. The ship departed a port 60 kilometers southeast of Athens at a late hour on Saturday.

Israeli navy vessels attacked an international aid flotilla carrying humanitarian and medical equipment to Gaza at international waters on 31 May killing nine Turkish solidarity activists and wounding tens others.

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