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Scholars encourage dialogue to normalize Muslim and non-Muslim relations
Scholars encourage dialogue to normalize Muslim and non-Muslim relations
According to scholars that although Terrorists and religious extremists may continue to grab headlines Muslims should distance themselves and should not allow episodes destroy the Muslim movement
Friday, July 16,2010 15:19

A recent conference in Singapore addressed Muslims to get involved in their community. Speakers Dr. Tarek Ramadan who teaches at Oxford University and Professor Abd Allah Saeed the director of Australia 's National Centre for Excellence in Islamic studies encouraged Muslims to be part of a movement that could help counter the various impediments to the image of Islam worldwide. Saeed asserted that although he believed violence is omnipresent the media should play a positive role in accentuating the positive aspects as well.

The speakers highlighted the significance of becoming involved in the community as the best way to normalize relationships and engage in constant dialogue with Muslims and non Muslims rather than isolation.

Ramadan commended Singapore describing it as the perfect example of cordial co-existence of Muslims and non-Muslims as opposed to conflicts which normally arise due to misunderstandings and cultural differences. He emphasized that Muslims must get away from the pitiful victim mentality

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indeed fsiekonomi.multiply.com-ikhwanfacebook/fsiekonomi.multiply.com
yes, terrorism is only a deviation. peace effort is more important to be concerned.
Saturday, July 17,2010 08:57
Well done Tariq Ramadan Muhammad Shamin
Well done. Condemning one authoritarian regime, praising another. This is what we call a flip flop mentality. imgettingpersonal.blogspot.com
Saturday, July 17,2010 14:39
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