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MB top lawyers challenge authority, calling for Al-Shater's release
MB top lawyers challenge authority, calling for Al-Shater's release
Muslim Brotherhood top defense lawyer Abdul Monem Abdul Maqsud confirmed the MB will file papers with the Court of Appeals to challenge the continued detention of MB political prisoners, among them Engineer Khairat Al-Shater, under the current emergency law.
Saturday, July 24,2010 15:08

In 2008 the MB leaders were unjustly served harsh sentences ranging from 3-10 years in the case known in the media as the "Azhar Militia case" despite numerous acquittals in civilian courts prompting a presidential intervention referring the case to military court.

Abdul Maqsud said in a statement that the authorities had demonstrated evident discrimination regarding the MB detainees who were entitled to release on the grounds they spent half their sentence with decent conduct. The detainees were also denied their constitutional rights to see families during national holidays and celebrations contrary to prisoners who were serving criminal sentences.

The lawyer ascertained that the ruling regime was impeding the release despite being exposed world wide and receiving numerous human rights organization interventions and appeals. Abdul Maqsud stressed that since his detention the MB deputy chairman's health has notably deteriorated with the evident lack of suitable health care and services.

On a related note Abdul Maqsud called on the regime to review its policy regarding unreasonable and excessive intervention in the electoral procedures and to allow freedom of speech in their call for political reform and constitutional amendments.

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