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Alexandria court adjourns Khaled Saeed’s trial
Alexandria court adjourns Khaled Saeed’s trial
A criminal court in Alexandria postponed the trial of Mahmoud Al-Falah and Awad Sayed the two informants accused of the killing of the 'emergency-law martyr' Khaled Saeed till September 25.
Wednesday, July 28,2010 14:22

 Many political opposition members and activists rallied in front of the courthouse uniting in solidarity against police brutality in Egypt .

A huge crowd of lawyers and media assembled in front of the courthouse prompting officials to prevent their entry into the courtroom.

The chief of defense team, Mr. Raafat Nawar, called on witnesses to testify during the hearing. He also demanded to upgrade the charges from cruelty to murder. The Civil rights plaintiff called to bring in the chief medical examiner, forensic doctor, assistant ambulance practitioner, driver and morgue official to testify as unbiased witnesses.

Hafez Abu Seada, secretary-general of the Cairo-based Egyptian Organization for Human Rights attended as a representative of the victim's family and civil claimants. He requested the addition of the text of the Convention against Torture to the case file, justifying that it could help them not to abide to the law if deemed unjust.

In a related context Police officers held their own silent protest in front of the courthouse raising banners and signs accusing young activists of being traitors asserting that policemen only did what was best for the country.

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Torture in Egypt Johnatan andrew
Im From sweden, i follewed the torture in Egyp on internet in different sites and on the Human right watch site, i cant immagine that in a muslim country the authority could practic that systematic torture and the people accept it without any resistance,Abu Ghareeb is not only in Iraq,how can you critizied America for Abu Gareeb and guantanamo while in Muslim world you have worth,where is humanity'by the way Egyptian officials were torturing Iraqis for account of America,TThey tought Americans the art of torture.is this is Islam?The holy bool of muslims say to torture?
Saturday, July 31,2010 13:22
abuse in Egypt Samir
I am reaaly happy and glad,That my country Egypt is starting to wake up to justice. I hope this will wake up the country.
Monday, August 2,2010 20:45
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