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Jordan gov't accepts IAF boycott of elections but refuses to discuss electoral procedures
Jordan gov't accepts IAF boycott of elections but refuses to discuss electoral procedures
Jordan's government refuses to discuss polls procedures but respects the Muslim Brotherhood offshoot the Islamic Action Front's choice to boycott November's parliamentary elections.
Monday, August 2,2010 08:04

Elections Spokesperson Samih Maaytah asserted that the IAF had the right to boycott elections after they believed that the regime lacked the integrity required to run free and fair elections


Although sources have reported the IAF Shura council's decision to boycott the polls, there have been rumours that the Islamist officials wish to conduct open dialogue to bridge the gap between the two sides calling for guarantees that the polls will be held in a transparent manner under the supervision of an independent party.


Maaytah has alleged that the government is currently in the last stages of arrangements for the polls and is unable to review the law to conciliate the Islamist movement or any other party whose demands have come too late. IAF MP Tayseer Fityani however has ascertained that the party has been calling for dialogue with the government for over two years claiming that they believe the government does not wish to have opposition parties in parliament in order to pass laws without interference by Islamists.


He maintained that the elections' transparency is bound by the law, which sets restrictions and regulations to ensure the elections are conducted in a fair and free manner. He added that the elections will be monitored by the National Centre for Human Rights and other organizations, which can report any irregularities.


Political analysts assert that if the IAF hold true to their decision, the boycott will definitely have a significant impact on voter turnout as well as the shape of the upcoming Parliament.

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