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Morsy: Talks With Israel waste of time and resistance is only effective means
Morsy: Talks With Israel waste of time and resistance is only effective means
Dr. Mohamed Morsy, the Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman and Executive Bureau member, stressed that the group strongly rejects Shimon Peres' visit to Cairo , and its possible outcomes describing him as a murderer.
Monday, August 2,2010 17:41

In a statement to  "Ikhwanweb" Morsy maintained  that it appears that the  United States is pressuring the Palestinian Authority to engage in fabricated  long hauled peace talks, indicating US bias towards the  Israel Occupation Authorities  at the expense of the  Palestinians' wellbeing.


He continued "The Arabs disappointing response was clearly evident as they welcomed Israel 's criminal leaders into their countries with the conducting of the Arab Peace Initiative Committee at the Arab League's headquarters. The strong U.S. and Israeli pressure to resume direct talks raises many questions regarding the feasibility of conducting such negotiations amid the continuing Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip, the progressive steps towards Judaizing East Jerusalem, the seizing of parts of Al-Aqsa Mosque, the imprisonment of Sheikh Raed Salah and the destruction of houses in the Palestinian cities in the West Bank. 


Morsy called on the Palestinian Authority to view the inter-Palestinian reconciliation agenda as sincerely as discussions with the Israeli Occupation, stressing that it would have been more suitable if the PA and the Arab League had discussed ending the Palestinian division as opposed to discussing the illusional peace initiative.

He indicated that any direct or indirect negotiations with Israel under the current circumstances would simply be a "waste of time" legitimizing the Israeli atrocities and war crimes against the Palestinians. The talks, in fact, fail to serve the legitimate rights of the Palestinians in establishing their independent state on all of the Palestinian territory, which is the land of Arabs and Muslims on the basis of  nationality.


In this regard, "talks about a two-state solution are completely rejected by the Arab and Muslim peoples," Morsy reported. He appealed to the Arab and Muslim people to stand together in solidarity with the courageous Palestinian resistance since they are the only effective solution   to liberate the entire land and challenge the US-Israeli project, which aims to engulf the entire Middle East

Morsy concluded his statement stressing that the full liberation of the occupied Palestinian lands requires full forced Arab and Muslim awakening and awareness

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agree fsiekonomi.multiply.com
do agree. non sense to talk with terrorists.
Tuesday, August 3,2010 05:37
Resist the Zionists Sandhanwalia
The Israelis are intent on destroying Islam so war is the only way left
Wednesday, August 4,2010 13:49
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