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NAC condemns arrest of 4 petitioners
NAC condemns arrest of 4 petitioners
Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the NAC coordinator condemned the Saturday night arrests of 4 citizens in the Beheira governorate
Tuesday, August 3,2010 01:48


Dr. Hassan Nafaa, the NAC coordinator condemned the Saturday night arrests of 4 citizens in the Beheira governorate. The detainees were charged for participating and signing the petition calling for political reform and constitutional amendments which was supported by national political opposition.
Nafaa claimed that it was discriminatory to arrest citizens who participated in signing the petition while others freely hung posters and banners supporting Gamal Mubarak the President's son. He maintained that the unjust arrests and targeting of political opposition and their supporters convey the Egyptian regime's intentions for the future which appear to be the transition of power to his son if he does not run for a new term.
tags: Nafaa / Petition / Political Reform / NAC / Costitutional Amendments / Gamal Mubarak / Succession / Egyptian Opposition / Damanhour / Behira / State Security / Inheritance of Power / Egyptian Democracy
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