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Morsy: Ruling regime must commit itself to respect the nation's call for reform
Morsy: Ruling regime must commit itself to respect the nation's call for reform
Media Spokesmen Dr. Mohamed Morsy for the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive bureau condemned the recent wave of arrests by security forces of MB members involved in raising awareness of the '7 demand for reform' in Alexandria over the weekend.
Monday, August 9,2010 07:12

 Media Spokesmen Dr. Mohamed Morsy for the Muslim Brotherhood's Executive bureau condemned the  recent wave of arrests by security forces  of MB members involved in raising awareness of the '7 demand for reform' in Alexandria over the weekend.  He described the continued arbitrary arrests as breaches of human rights, and the continued oppression of those working to bring democracy and the rule of law to Egypt will not be tolerated.

In a statement to 'Ikhwanweb" Morsy maintained that Indications are growing that security apparatus, police and intelligence agents are cracking down on outspoken  civic groups and pro-democracy activists in an attempt to intimidate political opposition who have notably become vocal of late.

The crackdown comes at a critical stage in Egypt 's history ahead of the start of parliamentary elections slated for October and presidential elections in 2011 in attempt to thwart public opinion on the amendment of articles 76. 77 and 88 of the constitution.

MB members participated in spreading the word and collecting signatures on a petition which had initially been launched by Dr. Mohamed Badie the MB chairman calling for political reform and constitutional amendments on the group's website securing close to 500,000 signatures
Morsy argued that the MB and other political opposition are collectively working on their constitutional reform campaign, stressing the civil society must be allowed to perform its role in providing an independent voice in support of the people's freedom of speech. He stressed that the message sent with the continued vendetta although witnessed will not be heeded since the MB will not be deterred and will continue to work for the wellbeing of Egypt and the benefit of the people. He maintained that the group will continue in their cause for peaceful reform through continued tolerance. He emphasized that rather than busy themselves with the MB, authorities should focus on offering people their legitimate right and treat all people on an equal footing including political detainees referring to the continued unjust detention of Engineer Khairat Al-Shater the MB deputy chairman and his companions who were tried and unjustly served sentences ranging from 3-10 years and who were illegible for parole last month but were denied their constitutional rights.
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