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Anti-Semitic Charges Must Not Divert Attention from Zio-Nazism
Anti-Semitic Charges Must Not Divert Attention from Zio-Nazism
In recent days and weeks, I have been attacked with unusual ferocity and vindictiveness by the usual shipyard dogs standing guard at the gate of Israeli Nazism. They have called me, inter alia, "anti-Semitic journalist," "pro-Hamas" and a "Muslim-brotherhood operative."
Monday, August 9,2010 10:05
by Khalid Amayreh IkhwanWeb
In recent days and weeks, I have been attacked with unusual ferocity and vindictiveness by the usual shipyard dogs standing guard at the gate of Israeli Nazism. They have called me, inter alia, "anti-Semitic journalist," "pro-Hamas" and a "Muslim-brotherhood operative." Two recent articles I have written seem to have upset the ever-barking watchdogs of Zionism, first an article titled "Muslims need to tackle Jewish Islamophobia," and another exposing the pseudo-Muslim Zionist agent "Sheikh" Palazzi, a notorious  liar and promoter of Israeli colonialism and apartheid.
The hasbara goons just couldn't bear seeing Zionism's victims fight back, by exposing the Nazi nature of Israeli behavior whether in Gaza, the West Bank or southern Lebanon. Well, I am afraid I have bad news for these fanatical liars. This is only the beginning, and soon millions of people all over the globe will be emancipated from Zionist lies.
The recent outburst of  smearing and vilification reflects the serious predicament facing Israeli hasbara efforts as more and more people around the world, including many sincere Jews,  are discovering the truth about this satanic entity called Israel .  Indeed, the "only democracy in the Middle East" is now being exposed as it really is, a Nazi state par excellance, a state that very much thinks, behaves and acts like the Third Reich did.
Of course, I am not going to be intimidated by the raving and ranting bullies. After all, we are too familiar with their dirty tactics and arrogant behavior. They can keep barking for as long as they want while the caravan will keep moving as the old adage goes.
In fact, their stupid regurgitation of the same stale lies, the same stale canards, and same stale charges and insinuations prove- if proof were needed- that I am on the right track. Yes, truth hurts those fearing it, and the Zionists supremacists must be really dreadful of the moment the peoples of the world will know the truth about Israel. This is especially relevant in North America and Europe where the Zionist-controlled or Zionist-influenced media has effectively enslaved the collective mind of millions of people for ages.
This is the reason the guardians of the evil temple are fighting every sign, every gesture, every statement, and every slip of a tongue which might lead to  exposing the mendacious  kosher narrative to light. The recent encounters of Helen Thomas and Oliver Stone with the guardians of the un-holy tribe are only food for thought for those who have the guts and the courage to call the spade a spade.
We, the peoples of the world, must keep up opposing and fighting Zio-Nazism since not doing so would lead to the enslavement of  our future generations by  the Nazis of our time.
We must oppose Zionism with all our mental strength because Zionism represents evil in this world. Yes, Zionism is powerful thanks to its enduring stranglehold on the politics and policies of the United States, Israel's guardian-ally. As such, Israel uses and manipulates the American empire to further Israeli goals, including ethnic cleansing and territorial aggrandizement in the West Bank. However, the strong doesn't remain strong for ever. Where is the British empire? Where is the Soviet Union?
In short, Israel, a country based on genocide, ethnic cleansing, land theft and obscene mendacity, is using America's mighty but unjust sword to spread violence, terror, racism, and bloodshed in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq and Afghanistan.
It was Israel and its neo-con agents who eventually cajoled the manifestly gullible Bush administration to invade, occupy and destroy two sovereign Muslim nations, namely Iraq and Afghanistan. Hence, responsibility for the death of over a million Muslims in these two countries, as well as thousands of American soldiers, falls squarely on the head of the Zionist snake, Israel, and its cohorts in the US. More to the point, tons upon tons of children blood in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in Palestine and Lebanon, are on the murderous hands of these certified war criminals in Tel Aviv, people such as Ehud Barak, Ehud Olmert, Gabi Ashkenazi and others.
It is not our responsibility, as Muslims, if the American people rise or not rise up to deliver themselves and their country from Zionist enslavement. If the Americans are happy and satisfied with being enslaved by a tiny, brutal and diabolic entity 10,000 kilometers away, that is their choice.
However, the world's 1.6 billion Muslims can't behave likewise because Zio-Nazism is after Islam and Muslims no matter how obsequiously some Muslim leaders behave toward the American monkey and its Israeli organ-grinder.
A few years ago, a Zionist supremacist named Benny Elon met some evangelical leaders in a "Bible-belt state" in the southern United States . After chatting with these Christo-Nazis for a few minutes, Elon reportedly proposed a world-wide Christian-Jewish crusade to wipe out Islam off the face of earth. By Jewish standards, Elon wanted to carry out 267 holocausts!!!
Elon's desire was not merely a freak rabbi's mental masturbation styled after the Old-Testament genocidal episodes. He was expressing the morbid  dreams and sadistic impulses of many Judeo-Nazis who have made hostility to Islam their  ultimate goal, strategy and even raison d'etre. He was also addressing a country that had murdered millions of native Americans and called the genocide "manifest destiny."
Judeo-Nazism is much more than just a reaction to legitimate Palestinian resistance to Israeli colonialism and racism. It is rather an existential antithesis to every thing Islamic, every thing human, every thing just. Otherwise, what would make Israel demand the alteration of the laws of war in order to allow her to commit genocide and escape unscathed?
In short, they want to destroy all other religions and all other peoples whom they openly consider "non-humans."
Given their evil discourse, all free peoples in the world must speak up loudly against this dark peril, called Zionism.
They will try to use their ultimate weapons, including the holocaust industry and anti-Semitism to discourage the free voices of the world from calling the spade a spade. They want to coerce you and me to shut up.
But we must not shut up because our life and our future as free men and women are at stake, hence, if we did cower and shut up, God forbid, we would shed the tears of remorse and regret later.
In the final analysis, if standing against global Israeli Nazism, and if supporting the just and legitimate cause of the Palestinian people is a form of anti-Semitism, then "anti-Semitism" itself should become a moral obligation incumbent upon all the peoples of the world. But anti-Zionism is not and will never ever be anti-Semitism since many Jews view Zionism as representing the ultimate antithesis of Judaism.
Again, and for the umpteenth time, we repeat we are not and we will not be against Jews for being Jews. More to the point, we will fight with vigor all those within our ranks who display Judeo-phobic tendencies.
Having said that, I must also stress that all the insinuation about Muslim-anti-Semitism coming from Zionist mouthpieces will not make us rethink our strategic task of exposing the evilness of Zio-Nazism.
Zionism is evil even if it wears an outer Jewish or Judaic garment. And it must be fought relentlessly and fearlessly just as Aryan Nazism was fought relentlessly and fearlessly.

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