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ElBaradei warns of looming civil disobedience
ElBaradei warns of looming civil disobedience
Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei echoed a warning that if the regime continues to ignore demands for reform, consequential civil disobedience will result.
Wednesday, September 8,2010 04:03

 Former IAEA chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei echoed a warning that if the regime continues to ignore demands for reform, consequential civil disobedience will result. Dr. ElBaradei addressed a crowd of more than 200 supporters during Iftar dinner in mid-town Cairo, stressing that “Civil disobedience is our last resort in the peaceful process for change,” . ElBaradei told members of the Popular Campaign to Support ElBaradei. “We do not want to resort to that [civil disobedience], but we will if the regime doesn't respond"

Dr. ElBaradei added “We want to restore our freedom, and the people to rule themselves through a representative government not a custodian”.

Emerging as a rallying figure for political reform earlier this year, the Noble Peace Prize laureate has garnered the support of thousands of young Egyptians and dozens of prominent opposition figures who have fully supported his proposed seven demands for reform.

Egypt's strongest political opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, is among the supporters of his reform demands, which include amending the Constitution to allow for real multi-party presidential elections, ensuring judicial supervision of the electioncs, putting an end to election fraud, and ending the state of emergency imposed since 1981

The MB in collaboration with ElBaradei’s supporters has been collecting signatures nationwide through door-to-door campaign and online. So far, the MB petition launched by the group's chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie has attracted about 800,000 signatures, nearing the 1 million target. The signatures however are not enough to convince ElBaradei to send his supporters into the streets to further pressure the regime. He warned the enthusiastic crowd against rushing and urged them to wait for “the right timing”.

Seeking to build a drive for national change, ElBaradei is hoping to achieve the reform which will allow him to run for presidency in 2011 by abolishing  the restrictions set by the ruling National Democratic Party.

“The upcoming year and upcoming months will be decisive,” said ElBaradei. “A regime change may happen within months to a year”, he hoped

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