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Blogger accuses Gamal Mubarak's Office of shutting down his Website
Blogger accuses Gamal Mubarak's Office of shutting down his Website
Blogger Amr Osama, of the April 6 Youth opposition movement, accused members of the NDP's policies committee of being behind the irrational shutting down of his blog.
Wednesday, September 15,2010 20:07
Blogger Amr Osama of the April 6 Youth opposition movement, alleged that members of Gamal Mubarak’s head office policies’ committee were behind the irrational shutting down of his  blog.
In a statement to "The Seventh Day", newspaper Osama asserted that he was sent a message ordering the closing down of his blog through a formal complaint from Gamal Mubarak’s office accusing him of insulting President Hosni Mubarak and his son. He was informed the blog would remain closed till further notice.
Ossama indicated that Nader Haleem Chairman of the Board of Directors for the "IBQA" hosting website responded to his inquiry letter asserting that he had received a written complaint from Gamal Mubarak's Office accusing him of insulting and offending President Hosni Mubarak and his son."
Ossama ascertained that the head of the administrative board told him the decision to shut down his blog was no concern of theirs and he was simply following orders by Gamal Mubarak to close down the blog after receiving a written request. He apologized adding however that he was not prepared to take risks or face potential problems if the blog was to remain open.
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