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Gaza-bound convoy hopes Egypt will allow its passage to Gaza
Gaza-bound convoy hopes Egypt will allow its passage to Gaza
Members of the Gaza-bound Lifeline 5 convoy are hopeful that Egyptian authorities will allow the fleet to pass through to Gaza.
Thursday, September 30,2010 09:39

ISTANBUL, Members of the Gaza-bound Lifeline 5 convoy are hopeful that Egyptian authorities will allow the fleet to pass through to Gaza.

Egyptian authorities announced earlier they will not allow the convoy led by former British MP George Galloway to enter Egypt after he was deported from there in 2009. But activists on board the convoy insist on entering Egyptian territory with their British captain.

The Lifeline 5 convoy landed in Turkey on Tuesday after instructions from the Egyptian government to its course.

George Galloway in a press conference in Turkey called on the Egyptian government to give him clearance to enter Egypt with the convoy.

“This is a peaceful and humanitarian convoy, and we have no problem with Egypt,” Galloway appealed, addressing Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

"We changed the convoy’s course as you desired, and we fulfilled all required procedures," Galloway added.

After the news conference, Lifeline 5 members visited the graves of Jawdat Kilijlar and Najdat Yildrim, two victims on board the Freedom Flotilla.

The fleet is scheduled to set out Wednesday evening to the Turkish capital of Ankara and will then leave Turkey for Syria on Oct. 1 after touring the cities of Ankara, Kayseri, Adana, and Ghazi Antib.

The convoy will be joined by Arab and African activists arriving from North Africa, Gulf countries, and Jordan in the Syrian city of Latakia. From there the naval convoy, which will include more than 200 cars and 400 participants, will be processed and then head for El-Arish port in Egypt, and from there will cross over to the Gaza Strip through Rafah.

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