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MB Chairman: Change and reform require sacrifices
MB Chairman: Change and reform require sacrifices
Dr. Mohamed Badie, MB Chairman, called on the Muslim nation to unite against the enemies who are plotting against it. He stressed that Islam is capable of facing injustices and tyranny and the consequences are well predicted.
Tuesday, October 5,2010 12:57

In his weekly message entitled “Islam in the Face of Injustice and Tyranny,” Dr. Badie stated that, “From the Islamic point of view, the relationship between Muslim and non-Muslim countries should be balanced, and if Muslims faithfully implemented the  constitution of Allah, they will be victorious, and if they failed to do so, corruption and injustice would prevail amongst them.

“Countries can survive without Islam if they are just, but they cannot survive with Islam if there was injustice, which results in the destruction of the country's economical and industrial capabilities in the form of lost productivity and migration"

Dr. Badie explained that the Arab and Islamic regimes have failed due to the fact that they always act against the interests of the people in favor of their own interests, and allow enemies to control the free will of their people

He pointed out that Muslims need to realize the means of power, and understand that change and reform cannot be achieved without the ulimate sacrifices

Dr. Badie concluded his message citing the Quranic verse which ascertained that believers will have victory on all future enemies, giving an example of the Gaza war, where faithful Palestinians defeated Israel despite of its enormous military power

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