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Egypt sends positive indicators to allow Lifeline (5) into Gaza Strip
Egypt sends positive indicators to allow Lifeline (5) into Gaza Strip
Organizers of the Lifeline (5) convoy have received positive indicators from the Egyptian government that the caravan could cross into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point.
Wednesday, October 6,2010 13:51

DAMASCUS, Organizers of the Lifeline (5) convoy have received positive indicators from the Egyptian government that the caravan could cross into the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing point.

Abdul Fattah Al-Keelani, the head of the Jordanian lifeline convoy, explained that the positive signs surfaced after a delegation from the convoy met with Egypt's ambassador in Damascus on Monday.

According to Keelani, the ambassador asked the organizers to furnish him with a list of names of participants in the convoy, and another list on the materials they are intending to bring into the besieged Strip in addition to the date of departure and the period they want to stay in Gaza.

"We are expecting the Egyptian reply within a couple of days, and we hope it would be positive", said Keelani.

For his part, former British MP George Galloway appealed to Egyptian president Husni Mubarak to open the doors for the humanitarian caravan, and also to allow him personally to accompany the convoy to Gaza.

"I like to join the caravan into the Gaza Strip, but if my presence with the caravan would be sensitive to Egypt and would hinder the entry of the convoy, then I am ready not to accompany it", underscored Galloway.

He added, "Egypt isn’t our enemy…. Our enemy is the Israeli occupation, and thus we all want to keep the focus on the Israeli crimes against humanity in occupied Palestine".

"Indeed, I will be sad if I am banned from entering Palestine because I spent 35 years of my life working for the Palestinian issue and for the just cause of the Palestinian people, and that is why the Palestine will remain in my heart," said Galloway.

He also pointed out that in the event the convoy would depart through the sea, participants will throw roses on the site where the Freedom Flotilla massacre took place where the Israeli Navy killed nine Turkish citizens participating in the flotilla which tried to break the repressive siege on the Gaza Strip.

"As far as we are concern, we vowed not to leave the people of Gaza alone, because supporting them is a religious duty on every Arab and Muslim individual…. People of Gaza don’t need food, they need the siege be lifted," said Galloway.

Mohammed Sawalha, the deputy-head of the International Committee for breaking the siege on Gaza stressed that the international sympathy and solidarity with Gaza Strip had increased rapidly, urging Egypt to extend helping hand to the convoy.

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