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President Mubarak warns against mixing religion with politics
President Mubarak warns against mixing religion with politics
President Mubarak’s annual October 6 speech addressed numerous issues concerning both regional and domestic topics.
Thursday, October 7,2010 06:54

President Mubarak’s annual October 6th speech addressed numerous issues concerning both regional and domestic topics.
However, his televised address focused largely on national unity, the fight against terrorism and the Palestinian national cause. Mubarak stated that his foremost desire was to see Egypt evolve and take its place among nations in the 21st century as a "modern, civilized state."
He highlighted that, the state he dreamed of did not mix religion with politics, guaranteed the rights of citizens in both words and deeds; supports the underprivileged while preserving national unity among both Muslims and Christians.
He laced his speech with warnings stating that:
“National unity constitutes a red line that I will allow no one to cross. Those who incite sectarian division must know that they are not above the law. They must know that we will thwart their attempts to drag religious and intellectual symbols into their conspiracies.”

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Brutal Dictator Tughluq
He had successfully taken the Egypt to Stone Age during last 30 years talking rubbish. Is Egyptians are insane to listen a fool?
Saturday, October 9,2010 13:15
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