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Al Shater’s Daughter Appeals For Her Father And Husband Release
Al Shater’s Daughter Appeals For Her Father And Husband Release
Zahraa Khayrat Al Shater appealed to human rights organizations to demand the release of her father and her husband who are currently detained under inhumane detention conditions. 
Friday, January 12,2007 00:00

Zahraa Khayrat Al Shater appealed to human rights organizations to demand the release of her father and her husband who are currently detained under inhumane detention conditions.
Zahraa Khayrat Al Shater- the daughter of Eng. Khayrat Al Shater and wife of Eng. Ayman Abdul-Ghany who were detained during a pre-Adha Feast crackdown last December 2006- that the health of Eng. Khayrat Al Shater is seriously deteriorating;
It is worth mentioning that El Shater is suffering of uncontrolled Diabetes (high blood sugar), and high blood pressure, in addition to chronic Bronchial Asthma, thyroid gland disorder, and coronary artery disease (poor blood flow to the heart muscle); he is health is increasingly deteriorating due to holding him in a prison that lacks inadequate ventilation inside his cell which is closed all the time and the air is polluted by cigarette and drug smoking from many criminal prisoners he is confined with, although he is a Political prisoner who should receive a better treatment.
His ill health was obvious in her latest visit to her father- the deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest opposition group in Egypt- because Al-Shater has been coughing continuously and was suffering from a bronchitis due to the prison’s polluted air which is full of smoke .
Zahraa Al Shater added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that:" My father was, prior to his arrest, scheduled to have a cardiac catheterization to examine the condition of his heart’s circulation".
Zahraa said " The prison administration gave access to medicine for Al-Shater; there is no problem with this administration; the key obstacle is with the State Security Police service that has the final say over detaining politicians without any legal basis; this service was and is still dealing with us toughly; it still bans sending personal blankets to Eng. Al-Shater and other Muslim Brotherhood detainees and gives them the prison’s very bad blankets which aren’t enough or appropriate for political detainees including doctors, engineers and university professors who did not commit any crime; the state security service prevented also sending mattresses to sleep on despite the very low temperatures and the very high humidity, given that criminal prisoners were given blankets and mattresses from relatives without any problem".
Regarding the visit, Zahraa Al Shater said:" We were denied Al-Adha Feast visit; a state security officer told the wife of a detainees that the State Security Police service issued a decision of banning visiting Muslim Brotherhood detainees during the feast; however, we are visiting him regularly every week although we so suffer much during the visit because we wait for more than 3 hours to see him for only half an hour ( the period of the visit!!!), an insufficient period for me to be assured about my father, Eng. Khayrat, and my husband, Eng. Ayman; this visit takes place amid a heavy security and also among the visits of the criminal prisoners; we repeatedly demanded separating our visits from those of the criminal prisoners’ so that our children do not see inappropriate scenes".
Zahraa Al Shater wondered in pain and anguish and  said:" Is this the real status quo of the human rights in Egypt nowadays: that our utmost demand- we the families and relatives of the political detainees- is that our parents, husbands and children, receive a better humane treatment in prison!!!!!; is this the fate of every intellectual or politician who stages a peaceful and civilized opposition to the regime, while we see bank robbers, drug dealers and dirty people enjoy full freedom and prosperity".
Zahraa Al Shater demanded releasing her father, Eng. Khayrat Al Shater because there is not real charge against him; his only charge is that he is a politician.
Also, Zahraa Al Shater called on the civil society institutions and human rights organizations to immediately exercise pressures for releasing, or even putting under house arrest, Eng. Khayrat Al Shater, to avoid the increasing deterioration in his health and to allow him to have the required medical examinations.

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