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Erdogan: US is backing Israel's state terrorism
Erdogan: US is backing Israel's state terrorism
-- Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has lashed out at the US administration for not denouncing the Israeli "terrorism" against Turkish citizens.
Sunday, October 17,2010 15:50

ISLAMABAD, -- Turkish premier Recep Erdogan has lashed out at the US administration for not denouncing the Israeli "terrorism" against Turkish citizens.

He said that such a position meant that the US was backing the "international terrorism" that killed the Turkish citizens in international waters.

The premier explained that his government supplied the US and the European Union with photos of the victims including one who was hit with 21 bullets.

Erdogan, speaking in a press interview during his visit to Pakistan, said that the Israeli government should apologize and compensate victims of its state terrorism in the Mediterranean. "Otherwise it would remain isolated in the Middle East", he added.

Israeli piracy at sea killed nine Turkish civilians and wounded many others who were carrying relief material to the besieged Gaza Strip late last May.

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True Leader Tughluq
A leader Muslim world was waiting for decades. Turks are very proud of him. I would like to tell all Egyptians to drink urines of Turks. Im not ashamed to tell this because you people have been pampering an anti Muslim dictator fellow for the last 30 years.
Monday, October 18,2010 02:37
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