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Muslim Brotherhood's Opinion in a Newsletter: MP Demands HEC to Effectively Oversee the Polls
Muslim Brotherhood's Opinion in a Newsletter: MP Demands HEC to Effectively Oversee the Polls
On November 3, the Higher Election Commission (HEC) officially announced that nominations are now open for the 2010 parliamentary elections, as it is a significant qualitative leap towards shaping Egypt's future.
Friday, November 5,2010 11:59

 On November 3, the Higher Election Commission (HEC) officially announced that nominations are now open for the 2010 parliamentary elections, as it is a significant qualitative leap towards shaping Egypt's future. The government official interfering in the voting process after the Brotherhood decided to participate in it, raises concern about the fairness of the electoral process.
Egypt is not alone in its ongoing experience of political debate toward a more open political system, as Yemen is witnessing a greater crisis that may threaten its unity and stability. It is clear that Sudan is seeing growing tension in the run-up to a referendum on Southern independence due to be held in January, where it is no different from what is happening in Lebanon, Palestine or Iraq. Although the incidents are different, US-Zionist schemes aim at advancing the project to partition Arab states into smaller units, to encourage separatist movements, and to create instability in the region as a whole.
The Muslim Brotherhood views this as follows:
First: On a domestic level
• The Muslim Brotherhood demands the HEC to provide equal opportunities to those who have decided to run for parliament and empower them to campaign.  The MB urges the Election Commission to perform its legal and constitutional role, to effectively supervise the polls and to not allow the ruling party to rig the next elections.

• The Muslim Brotherhood urges bodies, organizations, associations, human rights centers and local and international media to seriously monitor the upcoming polls and to expose any irregularities that take place in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, and to exercise its role in monitoring and documenting such flaws.
• The Muslim Brotherhood strongly opposes that NDP candidates exploit the state's potential for their campaign, highlighting that state resources belong to the people and that the government is responsible for them. The government and its ruling party have no right to attribute these achievements to themselves alone and submit to the Egyptian people as they do in very obvious and blatant election propaganda.
Second: Internationally and regionally
• The Brothers strongly condemn the ferocious attack on the Church of the Lady of Deliverance (Sayidat Al-Najat) in Baghdad which killed more than 60 people with many injured, asserting that Islam does not advocate such violence and denounces this action and strongly urges the government to protect all places of worship, as a duty.
• The Brothers stressed that the crimes between Iraqis - Muslim (Sunni and Shia) and Christian - is because of the US occupation, which is still present on the ground in Iraq, and recent documents which were revealed, show the public the crimes and the victims, which are estimated at millions.
• The Muslim Brotherhood warns that malicious schemes have been directed at Yemen and asserts that there is some malicious meddling going on in the region, which poses a grave threat to Arab national security and seeks to subjugate the region for the benefit of the US and Israel. Arab and Islamic governments must foil the conspiracy that is being hatched against Iraq and Sudan.
• The Brotherhood warns once again, that conspiracies are being plotted against Sudan and that the West's desire to separate south Sudan from its north opens the door to repeat the same scenario in all parts of Sudan, Egypt, Yemen and Saudi Arabia through igniting sectarian strife. This, in turn, requires the concerted efforts of Arab and Islamic governments and bodies with the Sudanese people to overcome their distress and maintain their unity.
• The Muslim Brotherhood calls upon the Islamic and international organizations concerned with the Palestinian cause to expose the Zionist schemes aimed at Judaizing the Holy City of Jerusalem on the occasion of the 93rd anniversary of the Balfour declaration, as it supports the establishment of a homeland for the Jews in Palestine. They also reiterate that rival Palestinian parties must join forces and unite on the right of Palestinians to reclaim their land and resources, to maintain their culture, to free their land from occupation, to establish a Palestinian State, and to abandon all the options that promote peace talks with the enemy. The MB demands Arab and Islamic systems and peoples to continue their support of the Palestinian armed resistance because it is the only way to take back the usurped rights of Palestinians, particularly the US administration as it is susceptible to Israeli lobby blackmail and supports them by every available means.

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