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Egyptians Show Solidarity in Upcoming Protest
Egyptians Show Solidarity in Upcoming Protest
Following Al-Qaeda's threats to Coptic Christians Egyptian churches are prohibiting visitor parking on their grounds.
Sunday, November 7,2010 17:34

 Following Al-Qaeda's threats to Coptic Christians Egyptian churches are prohibiting visitor parking on their grounds. Security authorities have put up  barricades in line with heightened measures and anticipation of congregations expected to pray today.

 Related, the “Copts for Egypt” movement has announced that  it is organizing a demonstration  in front of the Iraqi Embassy on Monday illustrating solidarity with the Iraqi victims of the  Baghdad church which left over 60 dead and hundreds injured.

In a statement the movement highlighted that the protest will be a silent candlelight vigil. It called on all Egyptians to participate in the protest to prove such threats will not sow discord. According to Hani al-Gezeiri, spokesperson for the movement, members from the Muslim Brotherhood, Muslim and Christian preachers, political activists, in addition to representatives from various political parties, will participate in the protest.


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