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Brotherhood faced 600 Arrests So Far
Brotherhood faced 600 Arrests So Far
Egypt's ruling regime has revealed that it is incapable of keeping its promises regarding elections. The Muslim Brotherhood has been largely targeted since the group's chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie announced it would partake in the elections.
Tuesday, November 16,2010 21:54

Egypt's ruling regime has revealed that it is incapable of keeping its promises regarding the elections. The Muslim Brotherhood has been targeted since the group's chairman, Dr Mohamed Badie, announced it would participate in the elections.

To date, over 600 Brotherhood candidates, campaigners, and supporters have been arrested in the run-up to parliamentary elections, with over 250 remaining in custody.

Most recently, security forces arrested MB supporters in Monoufeya, Beni Suef, and Assiut attacking candidates and supporters in
Alexandria. The arbitrary arrests have not just targeted men; women have also been arrested and taken into police headquarters.

The Brotherhood members have been unfairly denied an equal allotment of TV advertising, even though all the other independent candidates have been assigned 5 minutes by the Information Ministry to present their electoral platform.

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