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Lame attempt to defame MB by unknown group
Lame attempt to defame MB by unknown group
Banners and posters were hung nationwide attacking the Muslim Brotherhood in a hate campaign launched late Friday.
Saturday, November 27,2010 17:00


 Banners and posters were hung nationwide attacking the Muslim Brotherhood in a hate campaign launched late Friday. Egypt’s strongest political opposition has yet again been targeted as they were described as violent on posters which were plastered in the governorates of Alexandria, Suez, and Ismailia, where the Brotherhood is particularly active.

The campaign comes in the wake of the NDP’ complaints with the Attorney General Office, which have been filed in an attempt to remove any candidates from parliament even after being, voted in.

The ruling NDP has accused the popular MB of violating the constitution and working to transform Egypt into a religious state.

Posters reading "Remember their black history" and "No to the Brotherhood, they preach blind compliance or expulsion" were signed by a group called "Youth against Oppression".
The MB has asserted that it is not affected by the defamation attempts highlighting that it accuses no faction stressing it is of no concern to them.

The posters were placed under the Brotherhood's publicity posters and displayed next to the publicity posters of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP).

Saeed al-Daqqaq, NDP secretary in Alexandria alleged the NDP has nothing to do with the posters in question.


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