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Campaign Manager for MB Candidate in Hamul Abducted and Tortured
Campaign Manager for MB Candidate in Hamul Abducted and Tortured
Campaign manager for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Hamul, in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate was severely tortured today by police.
Saturday, November 27,2010 21:44

 Campaign manager for the Muslim Brotherhood candidate in Hamul, in the Kafr El-Sheikh governorate was severely tortured today by police. Mustafa Bedier, the campaign manager for MB candidate, was abducted yesterday by unknown armed men who claimed they belonged to the state security apparatus. They seized some of his belongings, arrested him for a whole day and he was tortured before being found unconscious in one of Al Hamul’s city streets. Once they found him, his wife made a complaint in Al Hamul police station.
His lawyer, Ahmed Fathi, commented on the incident, saying that the men who abducted him claimed that they were government agents but it turned out they were working for his rival NDP candidate Alaa Abdel Basset Ramadan who earlier threatened him. The MB defence team has asserted  that they would follow the  appropriate and legitimate channels in this regard.
The victim's wife told Ikhwanweb: "More than 30 bullies beat my husband and threatened to sexually assault me. They handcuffed him and put him in the car. When I went to the police station to investigate matters, police detained me and seized my cell phone. I was held until four o'clock where I was brought before Prosecution.
I have eventually succeeded to make a complaint against the NDP candidate.

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