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Egypt Ranks 98th in International Corruption
Egypt Ranks 98th in International Corruption
The Transparency International’s 2010 report has ranked Egypt 98th in the index of international corruption and 12th in the Middle East. It earned 3.1 index rating in transparency.
Saturday, December 11,2010 10:12

 Transparency International’s  2010 report, rank Egypt 98th in the index of international corruption and 12th in the Middle East. It earned a 3.1 index rating in transparency.
According to the report the world is more corrupt than it was last year. The information was posted by the organization on its website in conjunction with World Day to Combat Corruption.
Egypt ranked equally with Burkina Faso and Mexico while some Arab countries including Qatar (19), Oman (41), Bahrain (48), Jordan and Saudi Arabia(50), Kuwait (54), Tunisia (59) and Morocco (85) had a higher ranking.The report also highlighted that Denmark, New Zealand and Singapore were the least corrupt countries.

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