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ANHRI calls for dismissal of Egyptian FM
ANHRI calls for dismissal of Egyptian FM
The Giza Criminal Court will hold the second trial session for the renowned journalist Hamdi Kandil on December 18
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Thursday, December 16,2010 16:41

The Giza Criminal Court will hold the second trial session for the renowned journalist, Hamdi Kandil, on December 18.

The case was filed by Ahmed Aboul Gheit, the Egyptian Foreign minister accusing Kandil of insult and libel at the backdrop of an opinion piece published in the independent Shorouq daily newspaper on May 3. The article entitled”Humiliation of home land and the citizen" criticized the humiliation of Egyptians abroad and slammed the inconsistent statements of Aboul Gheit and his performance.
The first hearing, held on November 20, called for a testimony by the FM which prompted the judiciary to adjourn the case to December 18.
According to the Arabic Network for Human Rights Information, many journalists, presenters as well as human rights organizations have criticized the foreign minister's performance. Aboul Gheit has not only failed to protect Egyptians' interests and rights abroad, but has also called for the prosecution of critics. The ANHRI slammed the circumstances where Egyptians are unprotected abroad and those with opinions are gagged in Egypt. The organization called for the dismissal of the minister. 

In a statement, the Arabic Network expressed complete support with the media figure by denouncing all means of his gagging. It added that Kandil has become a target for a government that does not show the least respect for freedom of expression. Kandil was forced out of all Egyptian TV channels in addition to some Arab ones

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