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Shehab Defends Electoral Practices and Dismisses Parallel Parliament
Shehab Defends Electoral Practices and Dismisses Parallel Parliament
Mufid Shehab Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs dismissed the "parallel parliament" recently formed by opposition figures, former MPs and members of opposition including those from the Muslim Brotherhood, NAC, Kefaya and others.
Friday, December 17,2010 22:36

 Mufid Shehab Minister of State for Parliamentary and Legal Affairs dismissed the "parallel parliament" recently formed by opposition figures, former MPs and members of opposition including those from the Muslim Brotherhood, NAC, Kefaya and others.

In a recent article in the independent Al Youm Al Saba'a, Shehab asserted that the body has no legal grounds and was not to be taken seriously. Shehab defended the controversial and increased number of government ministers who were also 'elected' as MPs, emphasizing that the ministers are more than capable of performing both roles. He argued, the principle of separation of powers does not mean complete isolation between the two powers. According to Shehab the presence of ministers as MPs in the People's Assembly widens the circle of communications between the two powers, and helps find flexibility and cooperation between the government and the People's Assembly.
The Minister  also justified the 50 percent of parliamentary seats reserved for candidates classified as "workers" or "farmers," which some have said favors the regime. He defended the measure describing it as necessary to ensure that the working class is represented in government.

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