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NDP Holds Seventh Annual Conference
NDP Holds Seventh Annual Conference
As Saturday was slated for Egypt’s ruling NDP’s annual conference so were opposition groups plans to hold a parallel gathering expected to discuss the country’s parliamentary elections which were marred with fraud and riggings.
Saturday, December 25,2010 18:21

Saturday was slated for Egypt’s ruling NDP’s annual conference, and likewise opposition groups planned to hold a parallel gathering to discuss the country’s parliamentary elections which were marred with fraud and riggings.
Opposition groups acquired only a handful of seats in the poll while the country’s strongest opposition, the Muslim Brotherhood, opted to boycott the second round despite being allegeable to run.

The NDP, which secured its hold on the poll with a majority of 98%, gathered under the slogan 'To Secure the Future of Your Children,' from all over Egypt to discuss party policies. Aging President Hosni Mubarak will address the conference in the evening, setting out a blueprint for the party’s work in the coming year.

Ali Eddin Hilal, head of the party's media committee, said on the NDP's website that according to sources the conference will attempt to deliver the message that the majority of Parliament will seek to work for the best interests of the people of Egypt.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the April 6th movement and other opposition groups have also scheduled a meeting to discuss a proposal to establish a 'shadow parliament,' in light of the fraud allegations.

Reports by human rights groups, who documented the violations, asserted that the election was rife with violence and rigging in favour of the NDP. Monitors cited a number of violations including ballot stuffing in favor of NDP candidates and the intimidation of non-NDP voters and campaigners. It is anticipated that the monopolized parliament will pave the way for a smooth transition of power if Mubarak chooses to step down or if his health further deteriorates. Despite denials, the last seven years has witnessed the grooming of the president’s son, Gamal Mubarak, as a potential successor.

Observers stress that Gamal has depended on the party’s annual conference as a platform to shine, and political agendas assert leverage within the party and deliver groundbreaking policies.

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