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Six Former MB MPs Arrested and Houses Raided
Six Former MB MPs Arrested and Houses Raided
Security forces raided the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary headquarters in Sharqeya Sunday afternoon arresting 6 MB high ranking members including Executive Bureau member Dr. Mohyee Hamed.
Sunday, December 26,2010 18:40

Security forces raided the headquarters of the Muslim Brotherhood’s parliamentary headquarters in Sharqeya on Sunday afternoon, arresting 6 high ranking MB members, including Executive Bureau member, Dr. Mohyee Hamed.
The detainees’ houses were also raided following their arrest and personal belongings, books, documents and computers were seized.

The men were later transferred to Zagazig police station where they are to be brought before the prosecution shortly.
Other detainees include:
Dr Ahmed Gaber Al-Hajj, Professor of Surgery, Ear, Nose and Throat, Faculty of Medicine,

Dr. Yaser Gaber Al-Hajj, Professor of Ophthalmology, Faculty of Medicine,

Eng. Ahmed Shehata, a civil engineer and owner of a contracting company.

Saleh Marei, Instructor and Director of the Sharqeya MB parliamentary bloc.

Mohammed Abdul Rahman Mohammed, Accountant.


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