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El-Baradei Commends Egyptians’ Solidarity
El-Baradei Commends Egyptians’ Solidarity
Former IAEA Chief Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has commended the solidarity demonstrated in Egypt between Muslims and Copts following the Alexandria church blasts on New Year’s Eve. He described the Egyptians as showing true patriotic spirit .
Tuesday, January 11,2011 14:14

Former IAEA Chief, Dr. Mohamed El-Baradei, has commended the solidarity demonstrated in Egypt between Muslims and Copts following the Alexandria church blasts on New Year’s Eve.  He described the Egyptians as showing a true patriotic spirit.

El-Baradei slammed the terrorist act that he believed is aimed at dividing Egyptian society, stressing it served as a wakeup call for the country to confront the problems it is facing. These comments were made during a speech delivered during the "Voices of Solidarity" event.

El-Baradei noted that ‘instilling the values of the civil state’ freedom of expression, speech and equality is imperative. The Noble Peace Prize Laureate has rekindled his call for political reform and constitutional amendments which is supported by the political opposition.
Campaigns were launched in 2010 calling for seven main changes through online petitions by the political opposition, securing over 1 million signatures. MB Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Badie, launched a campaign in support where nearly 850, 000 signatories were collected on the MB’s official website.

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