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Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali dismisses government as riots mount
Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali dismisses government as riots mount
The Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali dissolved his government calling for early elections.
Friday, January 14,2011 18:50

The Tunisian Dictator Ben Ali dissolved his government calling for early elections.

As riots mounted, 13 more demonstrators were shot dead in the capital and hundreds of protesters flooded into
Tunis, calling for Ben Ali to step down and relinquish his power. Slogans were shouted as angry protestors marched through the capital. Protestors clashed with anti-riot police who freely used batons, tear gas and live ammunition as they marched towards the Interior Ministry, however, they were stopped by a police barrage before reaching the interior ministry.

After weeks of unrest, protesting against high food prices and unemployment in which sources say close to 80 people have died, Ben Ali appeared on state television in a bid to calm tensions ordering police to stop firing at demonstrators. The mounting demonstrations come a day after Ben Ali promised not to seek another term in 2014, amid the worst civil unrest of his 23-year rule.

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