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MP Issues Statement Rejecting Foreign Intervention in Egypt’s Affairs
MP Issues Statement Rejecting Foreign Intervention in Egypt’s Affairs
MP member Ahmed Heta issued an urgent statement to PA Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour stressing the parliament’s distaste with the US congress’ attempts to impose on Egypt’s affairs referring to the church bombings in Alexandria.
Monday, January 24,2011 08:19

MP member Ahmed Heta issued an urgent statement to PA Speaker Dr. Fathi Sorour, stressing that parliament is displeased with attempts by the US congress to impose itself on Egypt’s affairs, referring to the church bombings in  Alexandria on New Year’s Eve.

Heta asserted that the MPs unanimously rejected any intervention, highlighting they agreed with President Mubarak’s speech during the Police Day celebration where he claimed that Egypt was more than capable of protecting itself and the country’s minorities and refused any foreign intervention.




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