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Egypt – The Time Has Come
Egypt – The Time Has Come
The current uprising in Egypt is a massive popular democratic revolution, with broad support from virtually every sector of Egyptian society.
Friday, February 4,2011 12:28

The current uprising in Egypt is a massive popular democratic revolution, with broad support from virtually every sector of Egyptian society.  After decades of dictatorship, political repression, and economic hardship Egyptians have taken to the streets in Cairo , Alexandria , Suez , and many other towns and cities to demand the removal from power of Hosni Mubarak, and to seek the institution of true democracy in the most populous Arab nation in the world.  

This uprising follows the popular uprising in Tunisia , and is evidence of the broad call for true political freedom and reform that is sweeping through the Arab world. Massive discontent is not limited to any one part of Egyptian society. Students and youth, religious organizations, organized labor groups, intellectuals and academics, working people, women's organizations, journalists, and the masses of poor Egyptians are united in their demand for a fundamental change in government. 

True democracy in Egypt will be beneficial to the overall struggle for peace and social justice in the world, and it will help thwart the spread of extremism and terrorism, anti-American violence, and armed attacks on civilians. 

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