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ACHR: Mubarak and His Regime to Inevitably Be Prosecuted
ACHR: Mubarak and His Regime to Inevitably Be Prosecuted
Chairperson of the Paris-based Arab Commission for Human Rights ACHR), Dr. Violet Dagher, on Wednesday dispatched a fact-finding committee to Cairo to investigate police violence.
Saturday, February 12,2011 20:37

Chairperson of the Paris-based Arab Commission for Human Rights ACHR), Dr. Violet Dagher, on Wednesday dispatched a fact-finding committee to Cairo to investigate, in association with the Egyptian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), police violence used against protesters and try the newly-deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

"The Committee is following what is happening in Egypt and we are able to prosecute Mubarak before international courts for crimes committed during his his 30-year rule," Dagher said.

In an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb, Dagher said that Mubarak's decision to step down was too late, noting that the Egyptian revolution is a very fine thing as the Egyptians made innumerable sacrifices to make the revolution a success.

Dagher hoped that Mubarak's resignation and the military take over was a prelude to a peaceful transfer of power, lifting of the state of emergency and an end to exceptional laws.

Dagher called for the need to document the crimes of the Mubarak regime and prosecute those found to have been involved in it, noting that this is the NGO's role as they will file lawsuits demanding public funds to be regained that were smuggled out of Egypt by corrupt leaders of the ruling party.

Dagher stressed that it is not difficult now to use legal means to hold Mubarak accountable for his abuse of power, especially that most international human rights organizations are currently fully sympathetic with the Egyptian people against him.


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mubarak need to account every gerneh he has taken ytuuijx
recompute his legal income and the balance be refunded to egypt goverment. never let him go which serve as lesson to cruel and greedy leaders of the world.
Wednesday, February 16,2011 18:05
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