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Mousa confirms his bid for Egypt’s presidency
Mousa confirms his bid for Egypt’s presidency
According to reports by the state-run Middle East News Agency Amr Mousa, Secretary-General of the Arab League has announced his intention to run for president.
Monday, February 28,2011 00:46

According to reports by the state-run Middle East News Agency Amr Mousa, Secretary-General of the Arab League has announced his intention to run for president.

Although no further details have been provided it had been anticipated that he would run for the post.
Egypt had witnessed wide protests as millions took to the streets nationwide in a bid to end the reign of Dictator Mubarak and his corrupt regime.

Over 300 people were killed during and thousands were injured as protestors clashed with security forces and thugs appointed by Mubarak.
Eighteen days into the uprising the 30 year ruler stepped down.

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Is he the right guy? Sam
Did he participate in the protest? Why the protest movement who sweats and died during the protest do not choose leaders from among themselves? In many countries, the rebellion against the tyranny (eg. colonial powers) started from the bottom, from among the people. But, later someone else out of \\\"nowhere\\\" come out to claim to be the leader of the people. It turned out the new leader was chosen by the colonial power. Viva Egypt.
Monday, February 28,2011 02:31
Nothing personal Omar Hamed
We want someone young and educated and loves Egypt and of Egyptian grandparents and has no ties with old regimes. This is some of the prerequisites that be in the diplomatic or army arena.
Monday, February 28,2011 10:15
Amr Moussa lutfi
This is the man who cosied up to Gaddafi, Mubarak, et al. I pray no right minded Egyptian would vote for such an individual. We need real change not octogenarian part hacks clinging to power as in Tunisia, or a bland chairman suitable to Egypts Military. Don\\\'t lose sight of the revolutions goal..FREEDOM
Monday, February 28,2011 13:50
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