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Israel seeks ban on Egypt’s popular MB
Israel seeks ban on Egypt’s popular MB
In a blatant and clear event of interference in foreign affairs a statement by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon ascertained that Israel would object the Muslim Brotherhood being part of a future government and would work on banning the group from standing in any upcoming elections.
Tuesday, March 1,2011 08:56

In a blatant and clear event of interference in foreign affairs a statement by Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon ascertained that Israel would object the Muslim Brotherhood being part of a future government and would work on banning the group from standing in any upcoming elections. According to the statement the group follows an extremist policy with an agenda.

The MB, established in 1928 has long renounced violence, and is regarded as Egypt’s largest, most popular and best-organized opposition group. Although it was banned during the rule of the recently deposed tyrant Mubarak it has been unreservedly recognized by Egypt’s current ruling generals. In fact following Mubarak’s ouster one of its members was chosen as part of a 10 man committee to amend ten of the most undemocratic articles in Egypt's constitution.

Ayalon claimed it was normal for democracies to ban extremist parties maintaining that Israel itself banned an anti-Arab party in the past. He ended his statement alleging that Israel is not asking the Muslim world anything they did not expect from themselves.

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Where does Israel have the right to choose who is elected to Egypt El-Wahab
Egypt belongs to the Egyptians and they have a right to fair elections and who ever wins the elections will rule Egypt during there term. Israel has no right to even suggest who can or cannot rule in Egypt just because they are scared what will happen to Israel. For all they know maybe the Muslim Brotherhood will stand for peace! Like always,Israel thinks everyone is out to get them, but in reality it is Israel out to get everyone else. Mind your own business Israel when it comes to Egypt. You got your peace treaty now shut up!
Tuesday, March 1,2011 16:56
israel objects to M B representation in Egypt joe binard
The arrogance of those zionists goes beyond anything one could imagine! They dont even hide their wish and ultimate goal to rule not just Palestine but the entire Middle East and beyond! Hopefully Egypt will assert it's sovereignity and independence
Tuesday, March 1,2011 18:39
Israel seeks ban on Egypt ummunuha
i am agree with elwahab.. who are they to call MB extremist.. they should feel ashame themself when the wholeworld all pointing fingers to the israel as the extremist to treat badly to the people of palsetine.
Tuesday, March 1,2011 19:21
MB is a great power and inspires the whole moslem world Muyassar
The Founder of MB Hassan Al Banna is great man and his spirit for Dakwah will continously spread through the whole world of moslem. MB should stand still in every situtation..
Wednesday, March 2,2011 08:56
israel MB ban abu muhammed
it is what expected from isreal.Any rise of islamic move is desaster for judo-Christean society.So,we should look for more israel upset.
Wednesday, March 2,2011 20:11
When one goes to end of his life he will shout without meaning. this type of slurring speech may come from IS..real
Thursday, March 3,2011 06:28
1967 Buddy of Israel
Israel is worried because it doesnt want to repeat the Arab embarassment of the Six Day War. How many gears do Egyptian tanks have??? 6, 1 for park, 1 for drive, and 4 for reverse. LOL
Tuesday, March 8,2011 22:00
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