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March 19 referendum for constitutional changes
March 19 referendum for constitutional changes
A referendum scheduled for Saturday March 19 is set to ask Egypt' s people to vote on changes that would relax regulations and restrictions concerning who could run for president.
Monday, March 14,2011 11:30

A referendum scheduled for Saturday March 19 is set to ask  Egypt' s people  to vote on changes that would relax regulations and  restrictions concerning  who could run for president, allowing independents and candidates from small opposition parties to nominate and imposing a two-term limit on future presidents in addition to amendments to allow for just parliamentary elections.

According to official  sources any new political parties will simply need to notify authorities of their formation where  previously under the deposed Mubarak's rule , any opposition  had to receive approval from a committee dominated by the  National Democratic then ruling party, which ensured dictatorial  control over rivals.

Previously the unjust system allowed Mubarak to rule for three decades giving the ruling NDP full veto for who could run against him.

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