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Egypt Recalled to Political Life
Egypt Recalled to Political Life
Egypt is coming back to political life as the changes ushered in by the January 25th Revolution begin to take form.
Monday, March 14,2011 14:56

Egypt is coming back to political life as the changes ushered in by the January 25th Revolution begin to take form. The Muslim Brotherhood supports the proposed constitutional amendments calling on all eligible Egyptians to participate in the referendum.

The Muslim Brotherhood believes it is necessary to prevent army rule from dragging on too long and are calling for the swift implementation of constitutional amendments in order to restart political life.

The Muslim Brotherhood is also proposing the creation of a unified electoral list that includes all political figures and this is to be completed before the coming parliamentary elections.


Once again, the Brotherhood emphasizes that it does not seek the presidency or the majority of seats in parliament as it aims to run for 35-40 % of the seats in the new parliament, adding that if a president is nominated before parliamentary elections, this will only create a new dictator.


The army has a six-month plan to dissolve parliament, suspend the constitution and map out a path to parliamentary and presidential elections.


The proposed constitutional amendments include a clause that once elected a new president would call on parliament to draft a new constitution. If elections are staged in June, this would leave the Brotherhood and the NDP to dominate parliament and therefore, they would be the key players in the drafting of the new constitution.


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