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UK Awaiting Files on Freezing Mubarak's Assets
UK Awaiting Files on Freezing Mubarak's Assets
British authorities have stated that they have not yet received files over looted money Egypt is trying to bring back from banks and companies inside the UK.
Tuesday, March 15,2011 05:18

British authorities have stated that they have not yet received files over looted money Egypt is trying to bring back from banks and companies inside the UK.

Britain must wait for a request from Egypt which is described as legally necessary before taking effective action to freeze the assets of former Egyptian officials, including the assets of former President Hosni Mubarak and his family, the Home Office said.

Egypt's top prosecutor has asked the British authorities to freeze and restore cash, real estate, stocks, liquid assets and other securities for a number of former senior officials, including Mubarak, his wife Suzanne, his two sons Alaa and Gamal and their wives.

Authorities are also calling for freezing the assets of ex-Ministers of Interior,Tourism, Housing, Trade and Industry, secretary for organizational affairs for the National Democratic Party, as well as his wives and his son.

The Judicial Cooperation Unit of the Home Office in the UK has asked to give answers for more than 20 questions on freezing the assets of former Egyptian officials, as these questions were referred to the Egyptian prosecutor by foreign ministers weeksago.

Questions were raised about the identity of some witnesses who allegedly told the prosecutor that former ministers and Mubarak's family transferred funds to British and European banks, the sources said.

British investigators have asked for documents such as bank receipts to be presented, demonstrating the validity of these accusations.

Questions about the British regarding the identities of some witnesses were investigated by the prosecution whether they were relevant to the defendants or have further evidence or not that could be used for the benefit of the probe.

The British authorities expressed their willingness to fulfill Egyptian demands on freezing the assets, the Foreign Office said, but they noted that any move should be in accordance with a pan-European agreement.

According to British law, authorities must obtain a court ruling to freeze the funds.

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